The front shows the vast grill and the 9 bays running the full height of the case. The air intake potential is huge and should pose no bottlenecks or contribute to annoying acoustic related noises. You can just make out the two small dials that control the speed of the front mounted fans.

The back shows the bottom mounted PSU position and the default shield (remember to use the one that comes with your motherboard if you can) The two holes are for liquid cooling and allow a radiator to be positioned externally at the back of the machine. The expansion slot covers are of the re-usable type in case later re-arrangement of cards is required. There are no feet unlike our Chieftec and Coolermaster cases but the width is such that there were never any stability issues, especially with the heavy PSU at the bottom.

The top view shows eye bolt the feature that excites overclockers the most - we don't mean the space to hold an i-pod or the useful front connectors but rather the large 20cm fan which only blows air out (at quite a rapid flow rate too). The two USB connectors, external SATA connector and headphone/microphone sockets are just in the right position to be useful but sadly are not labeled or color coded.

We can envisage that at some point someone unfamiliar with building PCs will try to stick a USB connector into the E-SATA connector and/or vice versa so even just including some labels on a sticky sheet would have been useful.The case comes with ample accessories including a 3.5" converter for the front bays (for hard drives and SSDs) and plenty of screws.