According to the author to understand, in order to transform and upgrade traditional industries, Zhongshan City, gradually waterfront equipment manufacturing, new energy equipment, fine chemicals, health, medicine and other advanced manufacturing as a main line of industrial development.,

Zhongshan City, the new energy industry as an emerging industrial pipe clamp development and industrial transformation and upgrading the main direction of a breakthrough, formulated the "Zhongshan City, the development of new energy saving environmental protection industry planning" and implementation of programs to support the establishment of 1 billion new energy funds, focus on the development of wind power equipment , LED lighting, new energy vehicle power and control systems, solar energy equipment, bio energy equipment manufacturing and energy saving services to six major industries.

In addition, Zhongshan City, also to speed up the upgrading industrial clusters has been formed now household appliances, hardware, lighting lighting, textiles and garments and other 10 major industry clusters, cluster the city's total industrial output value of more than 70%.

View of this, hardware tools industry is still developing, Zhongshan City, the leading industries.March 22, Dongguan City, held in 2009 in recognition of the General Assembly, summed up the patriotic health work, Dongguan and was re "National Health City" title. The "world factory" known as Dongguan City, thus will gain more attention.