Cabinet hardware doesn't just have to be on a drawer or cabinet. In this case, you can screw those pieces of cabinet hardware directly into your wall and use them as a hook for a hanging piece to put the items on that you want to display. This is not only a great way to use up some of those extra cabinet hardware pieces you have, but it's also a nice way to make all of these spaces in your kitchen match.

Using this open piece of wall and accenting it with the cabinet hardware continue to make one constant look and theme prevalent in your kitchen.One important thing to keep in mind when going this route is to make sure that the cabinet hardware can handle the stress you're going to put it under.

Not all cabinet hardware is created equal. That means not all hardware can handle the same amount of weight. So, take a good look at the cabinet hardware piece you have before you use it. Is the screw long enough that it's going to give you adequate support once you put it in the wall? Is the material the knob is made out of strong enough to handle the pressure it's going to be under?

Make sure the answer is yes to both of these questions before using it.Additionally, if you can, and especially if you're going to be hanging items with any substantial weight, try to find a stud in the wall to screw the piece of hardware into. This way, you know it has a strong support structure from the backside that should hold it in place for years to come.